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Creating a web presence for your invention or new product idea is easy to do with Invention Place™. We do all of the work for you!

To create your web pages, we will need some basic information from you about your invention and you. To help you put the materials together just follow the check list provided or download the PDF form (to view the form you will need Adobe's Free Acrobat Reader ), fill it out and mail to: Web Site, INPEX Invention Place™, 217 Ninth St., Pittsburgh, PA 15222-3506

Your Name, address, phone number and e-mail address (we respect your privacy and do not sell or trade this information)
Invention or New Product Name
Patent status
Main benefits (4-7 bullet points)
How it works (4-7 bullet points)
How or Why you developed the idea 
A short biography (no more than 100 words)
2 (two) copies of printed promotional materials (if you have them)
2-4 photographs (either digital or hard copy)
A video of you demonstrating your invention at INPEX (requires the purchase of the Booth/Web site package)

Video Sound Bite

Click HERE to see a samle video

Once we receive your information, we will begin work to create a spot in cyberspace dedicated to your invention. Of course, you will be able to review your web pages prior to their going live. 

It's that easy! Sign Up today! Contact your Invention Place™ representative TODAY! CALL (800) 422-0871!


Please include the above information in an electronic form (i.e. Microsoft Word, simple text, or other standard word processing document) on a floppy or zip disc or on a CD-R. If including electronic photographs, images must be no less than 100 dpi (please refer to your digital camera's instructions). See pricing for additional information.




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